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Online ordering

Our secure online order processing system allows you to purchase AudioTX communicator and/or ISDN and Audio cards online using a credit or debit card.

For AudioTX software, there are two ways to purchase the software:

  • Software unlock code - the process is near-instant and charges are made to your card and a registration key sent to the email address you provide within a few minutes of your order. The software unlock code will allow you to install the software only on one specific machine. A good choice if you want the software immediately.
  • Hardware dongle - a USB or parallel port dongle. These are normally shipped on the same day as your order. The advantage is that the hardware dongle will still work if you have to move the software to another machine or need to change the main hardware components of your PC. A better choice if you can wait a few days for your dongle to arrive.

If you are ordering an AudioTX Software unlock code, you also need the correct Product ID before proceeding. You should already have downloaded and installed the trial software on your PC first. This MUST be the PC on which you wish to use the final purchased copy as registration keys are only valid for the machine from which you got the Product ID. You do not need the Product ID if you are buying a hardware dongle.

Sound/ISDN card hardware orders - You can order compatible Sound/ISDN cards at the same time while you are ordering your software.

Please have your credit or debit card ready. We accept the following:  Visa, MasterCard, Visa Delta, Switch, Solo and JCB.


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