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AudioTX Software orders

Our ordering systems operate on a secure server and all card data is encrypted before transmission. Before you proceed to the secure order page, please read the following information on software orders from us.

There are two ways you can buy AudioTX Software:

Software unlock code
Hardware Dongle

This option is recommended if you need your software urgently and you have no plans to make any major changes to your PC hardware configuration.

  • An AudioTX software unlock code registration key will allow you to register and unlock the trial version only on the PC from which you take the Product ID
  • If you change major hardware components in your PC, your product license will stop working, however reinstalling or changing the operating system will NOT cause a problem.
  • We are unable to reissue software unlock code registration keys in the case of system or component failure or hard drive crash of your PC or under any other circumstances

Hardware dongles are more flexible in that you can easily move the software to another PC... they will still function if you change major hardware components in your PC.

  • Hardware dongles are normally shipped within 1-3 days of you placing your order (if you choose the express courier option)
  • You have a choice of USB or Printer port (LPT) dongles
  • In each case the dongle is a small and compact unit which will NOT interfere with the normal operation of your PC

Remember that we make all charges in UK Pounds sterling and $ USD and € Euro prices are shown on this site are for your convenience only. Exchange rates vary daily (though normally by a few percent) and you should check current rates with your credit/debit card issuer before ordering.

Orders from within the UK and European Union are subject to UK VAT (at 20%) which will be added to the final total of UK/EU orders.


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