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APTx ISDN Codec - for existing Communicator users
AudioTX Communicator and the APTx Codec Pack

AudioTX Communicator is now APTx compatible! AudioTX Communicator is now APT ISDN codec compatible!

If you are an existing AudioTX Communicator user you can now upgrade your software to include our new APTx Codec Pack - this adds Standard and Enhanced APTx coding to the other algorithms already available. The upgrade is only available if you own the hardware dongle license (USB or Printer port dongle).

The normal version of Communicator is compatible with most MPEG Layer 2, Layer 3, G.722, G.711 codecs etc. With the addition of the new APTx option, your system can then also do APTx ISDN codec connections.

Over ISDN, Communicator offers connections at 64kbps (1 channel) or 128kbps (2 channels).

Over IP (network, internet), you can connect at up to 576kbps.

Most of the time, Standard APTx is used for ISDN codec connections. This gives good quality and has a slightly lower delay. Sometimes Enhanced APTx is used for ISDN codec connections - both are included in this optional pack.

The APTx Codec Pack for AudioTX Communicator ISDN Codec & IP codec is particularly useful (and recommended) for all ISDN users including Voice Over artists, production and broadcast studios, and for corporate ISDN interview systems and spokesperson systems.

Instructions - how to purchase your upgrade

The upgrade to add the new APTx coding is quick and easy, and is as explained below:

  • Make sure your USB or printer port dongle is connected and working.
  • Update your software to the latest version - you can normally just download the latest 'free trial' version from this website and install it over your current version (make sure you close the Communicator software first!). Or download and install the Full (Purchased) version as described in the instructions you got when you received your dongle.
  • Start the Communicator software and select Register APTx from the Help menu.
  • A new window pops up... make a note of the Dongle ID shown in this window.
  • Now order your APTx Activation Key using the link below.
  • Enter your APTx Activation Key into the software (if necessary, go to Help-Register APTx again).
  • Close the Communicator software and restart it.
  • You are now upgraded and have the APTx Codec Pack option for your copy of Communicator.



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