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W h a t  i s  C o m m u n i c a t o r ?
1 Communicator is an ISDN codec
If you need an ISDN codec, it's great quality, simple to use and cheaper.

- Communicator turns your PC or Laptop into an ISDN codec that's compatible with virtually all other manufacturers' units! and with MPEG Layer 2, Layer 3, G.722 and G.711 (tele-hybrid mode), optional APTx coding, mono or stereo, full studio quality connections. Offers same or better audio quality audio and performance as most other manufacturer's ISDN codecs. Use it for live audio transmissions, to connect your studios, to send and receive broadcast material, or for voice-over work, news and sports reporting.

ISDN codec - connect to virtually all other manufacturers' units.

If you need an ISDN codec, it's great quality, simple to use, and cheaper.


It's your ISDN system
the best ISDN REPLACEMENT TECHNOLOGY available today



2 Communicator does better than ISDN quality, ISDN-like connections over the Internet
It's like ISDN without the ISDN. Even better quality over the Internet...

Connect like you're used to doing over ISDN - but do it over the Internet. Even higher quality, reliable, low delay live connections.

AudioTX Communicator's Internet connections are centred around a new Global Phonebook. Enter your details (free) and anyone else can then just click-and-connect with you instantly... no IP addresses required and no fiddling around with routers, firewalls or port forwarding in most cases.

Better than ISDN quality. Connect in fully lossless linear PCM quality - in a live, low delay connection over most normal Internet connections. Or choose from a full range of audio bitrates which still offer much better than ISDN quality.

Rock-solid, easy, studio grade connections over the Internet - with no subscriptions to pay.

3 Communicator is an IP codec - audio over IP - and Multicast audio from one location to many others

- Send and receive LIVE, Professional-quality audio over any IP network. That includes local networks like LAN/WAN, WiFi or spread spectrum radio links, leased line or private IP circuits. Perfect for broadcast STL, ad-hoc studio connections. Auto-reconnect and fallback connections allow you to revert to an alternative IP or ISDN connection in case of network failure.

IP codec - robust, live, broadcast quality MPEG, APTx or linear audio over IP.

- And over Multicast capable networks, send live audio to multiple locations in an incredibly bandwidth efficient manner. Ideal for any application where you need to distribute professional quality audio to multiple locations. Multicasting is incredibly efficient because only one copy of the audio needs to be sent regardless of the number of receiving locations on the network... a bit like a radio broadcast.

Broadcast live audio to many locations across an IP network.

AudioTX Communicator software for Windows PCs and Laptops

AudioTX Communicator's ISDN Audio Codec functionality is compatible with all other manufacturers' ISDN codecs, including...

CDQ Prima, Telos Zephyr, Glensound, APTx, Dialog, Philips etc.

MPEG2, MPEG3, G.722, G.711 coding & Optionally Standard & Enhanced APTx


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