ISDN Codec Software with audio over IP Network capability: Communicator, new ISDN Audio Codec from AudioTX, APTx ISDN Codec


AudioTX Communicator
ISDN Codec & IP Audio Codec

** It's your ISDN system and the PERFECT ISDN REPLACEMENT **

    ** NEW **

Fully lossless, linear PCM audio over the Internet. Like ISDN but better...

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         MPEG 2   MPEG 3   G.722   G.711   APTx (optional)  
M o r e  p r o d u c t s  f r o m  A u d i o T X...
AudioTX STL-IP - IP STL and Professional Audio over IP hardware device

1U Rackmount Hardware unit for high-reliability, low-delay audio over IP, for STL, Live Audio & Program Distribution, Remotes and general audio connectivity with a 5ms delay. Send and Receive live audio over any IP network in full broadcast quality.
NEW:  HEAR the world's best sounding IP audio for yourself...
  LimeOnAir - Stream live, low delay audio to iPhone/iOS and Android SmartPhones over WiFi
Low latency solution to broadcast one or multiple channels of audio directly to mobile or cell phone users over WiFi networks. Professional quality solution suitable for venues large and small and a range of applications including sound from TVs, multiple language support and translations, hearing assistance/audio description, commentaries, sound reinforcement, tour guides, sporting events.

  AudioTX Multiplex - Broadcast multiple channels of live audio over a standard LAN/WAN!
... Any PC on the network can then select and tune into any of these channels using the stylish and compact Receiver Bar. A superior replacement for multi-pair or RF based audio ringmain or monitor select/source select systems.
  AudioTX STL-IP Connect - Broadcast LIVE from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANY PLACE -

Use Internet via DSL, Cable modem, WiFi hotspots, Satellite, Hotel and Cafe internet connections, even 3G or other high speed mobile phone data services.
  AudioTX  WebStream
Web Streaming Audio Encoder and Streaming Server hardware appliance. Reliable, broadcast quality audio with MPEG4 AAC, HE-AAC and MP3. Simple to setup, manage and use, transmission grade reliability - web streaming without the PC!
  AudioTX  TBU-IP
SIP & VoIP Dual TBU, Telephone Hybrid / Telephone Balance unit for Studio use in Radio & TV applications and anywhere you need to interface a telephone line on an IP PBX or even just a SIP trunk from a VoIP provider with 4 wire or other professional audio inputs/outputs!
  Secure AudioTX - for your ears only!
Live encyrpted audio over IP networks (including Voice over IP) and the Internet & over ISDN lines. Secure AudioTX uses the latest government-standard 256 bit encryption for the highest level security in your audio transmission.
  AudioTX  Capture
Takes calls from ISDN codecs and captures audio direct to disk - no more waiting around in studios for feeds... can distribute the audio to the right place over your network or by email.
  AudioTX  P O T S
ISDN codec like quality over analogue telephone lines

The AudioTX range of products use MDOUK's industry leading technology for robust, professional quality, live audio over IP.

Our products are used by broadcasters, telcos and for professional network audio applications worldwide.

Whether you simply need to get your audio from A to B, or you need to distribute hundreds of channels of audio, we can help.

If you have a requirement for the transmission of audio over any IP network - from LANs/WANs, MPLS or ATM, WiFi, Satellite, leased lines or even Internet or ADSL, Cable modem etc, contact us for a custom designed hardware or software solution...


Software only ISDN Codec and audio over IP Network Codec - Broadcast quality audio transmission over ISDN, IP Networks and the Internet using MPEG Layer 2, MPEG Layer 3, G.722 and G.711. COMMUNICATOR is a software-only ISDN audio codec and Audio-over-IP tool all in one. All you need is a standard PC, a soundcard and an ISDN card... AudioTX Communicator is high-quality, reliable, flexible and cheap. It even runs in a Laptop computer and so is the ultimate tool for on-the-road reporters. Secure AES encrypted audio over IP and ISDN - pots codec - new product AudioTX POTS - ISDN quality over standard analog telephone lines AudioTX Capture - automatically takes incoming audio from ISDN codecs, connects to ISDN codecs and can email it or distribute the audio over your network. Network ISDN audio codec distribution.